Thursday, September 22, 2005

Catch-Up Thursday

Brian here. Mom is real tired of being in the hospital. Sick and tired, stir-crazy, and maybe a little buggy. She's scheduled to be discharged to go home in about a week, which is good news and bad. Good because Mom really needs to get home for her peace of mind. Except for the few hours we busted her out for her birthday, she hasn't been in her house in three months.

On the other hand, even at home she'll continue to need some professional care--managing medication, physical therapy, sheer muscle power--that hospitals and rehabilitation facilities provide and Nurse Sis and Kid Sis can't, at least not around the clock. So we've got to figure out how that's going to happen and, 450 miles away, I'm fairly useless. Fortunately money's not a problem, for now, although that kind of care can get pretty expensive pretty quickly.

People do this all the time and we'll work it out. The bottom line is that Mom's physical health continues to steadily improve and she's in the hands of a physician who's very aggressive about getting her off as many medications as possible. That's probably a good thing but it's also tough, after your body's gotten accustomed to a particular chemical mix, to try to change it fast.

Meanwhile, Mom's trying to keep a positive focus. She's very ready to be home and is counting down the days like a kid waiting for Christmas.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Had a Dream

Brian here...just got off the phone with Mom, who dictated the following (as well as the title above):

In my dream, I had on an old pair of jeans, having lost 55 steroid pounds. I had small one-inch heels that were red. Nurse Sis and Kid Sis were one store ahead of me looking at, of course, shoes. I quickened my pace to catch up.

I woke up. The radio was playing "If I can see it, I can do it" and "I Believe I Can Fly." And in that dream, I was flying. I believed I can really do this. And tears of gratitude and happiness filled my eyes.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thursday: Thanks from Mom

Brian here. Mom wanted me to thank everyone who's thinking of her. She also said:

"I figure I might as well keep thinking positive thoughts because they cost just the same as the negative ones."

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday Afternoon

Sigh. Mom is back in the hospital again, never really getting a chance to just rest and recover her strength. Understand that it's hard for me to keep everyone who cares about Mom updated while still respecting her privacy, being appropriately optimistic but honest, etc. Her condition now seems better than it was the last time she was admitted, back when some of her underlying problems weren't even recognized. Most acute is a flare-up of the lung infection we thought she'd beaten before. And, of course, Mom still throws the docs a curveball now and then just to make sure they're paying attention. She's once again receiving a high level of care and all her doctors seem to be on top of things. And she's got Nurse Sis making sure everything gets done right.

It's hard to know what else to say about it. This is just one more tough situation in a long line of tough situations. We'll see how it goes.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday Night

Brian here. Well, I wish I could post only good news on Mom's blog, but we don't always get good news. After some weeks of gradual improvement, Mom got a tough break yesterday. A lung infection she fought off weeks ago seems to have come back, fast and strong, and knocked her back a couple of steps. She's on antibiotics, and if they're the right antibiotics they should take effect very quickly. We'd hate to see her have to go back to the hospital but I guess that's a possibility.

This infection doesn't seem that serious in itself. Unlike the earlier infection that lingered undiagnosed for probably weeks, it was recognized and treated immediately. But it's the latest in a long line of problems that have drained Mom's reserves. If only she could get a little break--a few boring weeks in which nothing bad happened--I think she could rally her strength and make good progress. So far we haven't had that kind of luck.

Still cancer-free, though. That's something we're always grateful for.