Friday, June 24, 2005

Hi From Mom

This is Kis Sis typing. Mom says:

Sorry I'm not able to keep up with the blog right now. Miss you all, and I'll get back to it as soon as I feel better.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Big Thoughts - Little Steps

Boy, do I have it all thought out - in bed - in the early morning. The last few days have been extra special. I do a little stretching, neck cracking, shingles and brain - shrinking medicines and find - NO PAIN for the first time in two years. Radiation, especially on my neck and shoulders, has caused me continuous grief ( like that bad tooth ache you try to forget about). And then there was the usual grocery list of regular complaints which I tried to keep to myself. Admittedly, I have no feeling in my right foot , so guess that doesn't count!!

But, my gosh, it is so sweet to stretch out in bed and just breathe. THEN - I get the day all planned - I'll clean out my closet, finish my book, pay bills, cook a nice dinner, call ten friends, knit six scarves .....

Those waking moments and checking in to see what is "right" with my body are giving me the courage to go on with the rest of my day - which is much less pain-free - for NOW!

By the way, Funnigirl, thanks for helping out Annonymous with the Sites ( and I'd take that cup of coffee just any old day). Also, Ronnie, thank you sooo much for your continual support. If I could ever stop Kid Sis long enough I might be able to learn how to respond to all of you under comments. It seems my Site (or the operator) is reluctant to Post. I know you are there and it means a lot.

Okay, time for exercise. Out of the wheelchair, into the walker - ready for those little steps.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Don't Stand Up

My old motto used to be - don't stand if you can sit down - don't sit down if you and lay (lie?) down. (I feel a teacher flip over in her grave).

My latest Physical Therapist, Alex, certainly has turned that idea on its head. Up, up, and away. Use bed only for afternoon naps and night. Get into that wheelchair, over to that rocker, now go, go - use that walker. He is only here 45 min. or so. The effects of his visits are timeless. I know this is up to my body, the swelling in my brain and, yes, my attitude. He tells me it is normal to have good days and bad.

Today was a good day!!