Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday Night

Brian here. Well, I wish I could post only good news on Mom's blog, but we don't always get good news. After some weeks of gradual improvement, Mom got a tough break yesterday. A lung infection she fought off weeks ago seems to have come back, fast and strong, and knocked her back a couple of steps. She's on antibiotics, and if they're the right antibiotics they should take effect very quickly. We'd hate to see her have to go back to the hospital but I guess that's a possibility.

This infection doesn't seem that serious in itself. Unlike the earlier infection that lingered undiagnosed for probably weeks, it was recognized and treated immediately. But it's the latest in a long line of problems that have drained Mom's reserves. If only she could get a little break--a few boring weeks in which nothing bad happened--I think she could rally her strength and make good progress. So far we haven't had that kind of luck.

Still cancer-free, though. That's something we're always grateful for.



At 7:18 PM, Blogger Lynne said...

(those spam posts are getting annoying)

Hang on, Mom. Praying for you.

At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Brian said...

Lynne's referring to a couple of spam posts I just deleted. Thanks, Lynne. Mom's hanging on and doing her best.

At 1:09 AM, Blogger Lorna said...

Fingers duly crossed for some boring relaxing quiet weeks ahead!

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Cookie said...

I am really really sorry to hear this. Everything crossed, prayers said, good vibes sent and alms to the Tree Goddesses and Thunderbeings.

Keep us posted ...

At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Mutti! We're all pulling for you!


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