Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Morning

Brian here. Not much new to report but I just talked to Nurse Sis and everything seems pretty stable. Mom had a good night and is getting some tests done today, the results of which will help the doctors fine-tune her treatment. We don't expect any dramatic developments, either good or bad, anytime soon.

Two steps forward and one back: Gradual Progress.


At 11:59 AM, Blogger Cookie said...

This is very, very, very good news.

Not to diminish the doctors or Nurse Sis, but whatever your mom is doing is working!

I am so, so, so glad to hear this. :-D

At 12:26 PM, Blogger SDReaderMan said...

Hello Brian,

I just finished reading the book (off of the eisner.htm page). Very moving, and for me, timely. The woman who runs a local chaplaincy recently had chemo. Her cancer is in remission and she's getting her hair back. I assume that is a healthy sign. More recently a former boss, Mark, (who is about 45) got severe stomach cancer. I think this tumor is several square inches, and has wrapped around some arteries in the stomach. He's received treatment, and has gone home from the hospital at this point. Frankly, it looked pretty grim for Mark - but his positive attitude and support of his family got him through. Mom's cancer helped me understand a little what is involved with a cancer diagnosis in the family. One doesn't understand fully unless one has been there, so I don't claim to "understand what you're going through".

I look forward to Abram's publishing the book this coming Spring. If you know of when the book will be advertised for ordering in PREVIEWS - the phone-book style magazine that comic shops and fans place their monthly orders from - please post this info on the website. That way I can pester my local shop to order copies.

Great book, fine art, moving story - thank you for sharing it. All the best to your mom, nurse-sis, Liz, and of course, you and your family.


P.S. Congrats on the Eisner!


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