Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dispatch from the Front

This is Brian (Mom's son, the "Mom's Cancer" guy) stepping in at Mom's request. She'd love to be corresponding with everyone and letting you know how she's doing. Unfortunately, the hospital she's in now has pathetic wireless Web capability, so she's offline for a while. So she asked me to step in and I'll try to post a "Memo from Mom" as often as I can.

I spent yesterday and this morning with Mom, and she's doing pretty well and continuing to improve in remarkable ways. Understandably, she doesn't want all her intimate healthcare information broadcast worldwide, but after being neglected in a few other facilities (despite Nurse Sis's best efforts--very frustrating for her to know what Mom needed and not getting anyone to listen to her or act on it), she's now receiving the most intense, solicitous and professional medical care I can imagine, all aimed at solving her problems and getting her back into the world. In just the past couple of days they've stabilized much and found previously undiscovered problems that they're proceeding to fix. It's quite a turnaround and Mom's spirits are considerably lifted. And, as far as anyone can tell, she remains cancer-free.

More later. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes, energy and prayers, Mom says she feels them all.


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