Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Remember Nod?

Way back in Feb. I had great plans to fly over to Phoenix to meet up with my brother and his wife. We were going to have a week or so playing tourists. Due to our various health conditions I gave us all nasty little nick-names. My wonderful sister-in-law I named Gimpy because she has two bum knees. My brother was Nod, only because he occasionally needs oxygen, and me Limpy because I'd just lost the use of my right leg. I ended up staying home.

Okay, you know I can't tell the short version of any story - so, my brother hates So.Calif. with a passion you wouldn't believe. When Gimpy called and said they were considering a visit I really worried that one of us might be a lot sicker than I thought. And, of course, since I've been the designated patient of late, I checked with Nurse Sis to make sure I was okay.

Last Wed. night they arrived - amid more fussing and fuming about weather - air quality - crazy drivers - people - smog - etc. etc. etc.

Oh joy!!! we shouted. But in less than an hour Nod had it out of his system and we all had a wonderful time. We laughed, put puzzles together, went gambling!!! ate too much. They lifted my spirits - thought I was doing great and instilled a new hope for my future. They want me to visit them in Nev. in Oct. - with walker only - no wheelchair. They'll keep their fingers crossed - and I have a new goal.


At 7:51 AM, Blogger Mustang Sally said...

Mom, You're amazing. Don't ask how I got here...it's just one of those silly Web things...but I'm hooked. And inspired.

I saw in earlier posts that you had looked at the Lance Armstrong Foundation site. Have you been back recently? They just released a notebook for cancer survivors to help them organize treatment info, questions for the doctor, etc. It's free...you just pay a few dollars for shipping.

Also there's a site called People Living With Cancer that has good info.

You sound like you totally have things under control, and clearly you have an awesome family. But if any of you need a little backup, these groups can help.

Rock on Mom! My prayers and best wishes are with you, along with those of all the anonymous people out here that you have touched.

: )

At 7:32 AM, Blogger Lynne said...

I attended the Art of Healing Retreat with Bernie Siegel last weekend in Connecticut. In case you've wondered, he is as amazing, loving, wonderful, hilarious, warm and totally genuine as you would guess from his books.

I am cheering you for your new goal. This is a very life-affirming act. You are projecting yourself ahead in time, in good health, and showing improvement. This, in itself, send that loving message to your body that you want to live!

If you possibly can make your way to the fall retreat I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it!

I told Kid Sis that I shared Colliope's story at the retreat, because I was so thrilled to read Sis saying she believed in an afterlife. I am also so happy that I may have helped to remind you of Bernie's philosophy, and that in some small way I helped you to set this wonderful new goal.

isn't it amazing how thing work? I am here, reading your words, a total stranger, yet we are connected by our like illness. Witness the synergy of life.

Move forward. Peace


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