Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Just Lazy

It feels like someone just drained all my stuffing out. I'm pooped - or is it just lazy? Too many tests, too many meds and definitely too many carbs make for wanting to sleep any time, any place. Yesterday, I fell asleeep with my knitting needles pointing straight up - glad Kid Sis walked by before I stabbed myself..

It will be good to be home. My old home had been great to visit but a lot of work with wheel chair, walker, commode, etc. Everthing is so heavy lucky for me I have great, strong friends who do Curves or Yoga and other things to keep fit.

As Kid Sis reported, I had great results from the MRI and MRS the best/Icould have imagined, in fact. The swelling looked much smaller than 6 weeks ago. But they still can't ans. -they just don't know -- or have any history - or I'm on the far outside of the Bell Curve - guess better on the outside than the alternative. More when I get home.


At 7:59 AM, Blogger Lynne said...

Mom - I know
EXACTLY what you mean about feeling lazy. I've always been the care-taker, the worker, and now I find myself needing naps and extra sleep.

I love reading your postings, we are in the same boat, you know...

I am convinced that you are thriving, as I am, because of your strong will, your sense of humor, and your love and good attitude.

bless you Mom
(though, you aren't really old enough to be my Mom, since I'm 53)

At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It enlightens me to follow your recovery. I was diagnosed with Stage IIIA lung cancer on 12/28, and after having four chemo treatments and lung cancer surgery, I am "whipped." Your comments help place a positive spin and some humor in this fearful
time of my life. Thanks for giving me such great hope with your example.

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