Sunday, March 13, 2005

Stuff and Things

That's it - our life is surrounded by stuff and things. We had a list made by the time we hit the half way marker for home:

1. Get cleaning staff on board, asap - that would be so we don't get taken away by dog hairs. Nurse Sis' Lab creates enough extra hair for another puppy every other day, Hero doesn't do too bad himself and then there is Pissy with her white and grey tufts dangling everywhere. Plus, we never had a chance to put away Christmas dishes and "stuff" because our bins had become water catchers (and still are).

A friend had made a wonderful list of possible agencies, we called and so, if all goes well, tomorrow our home will begin to shine again. One down.

2. Get Mom fixed up with "things". A wheelchair; an outside ramp, so I won't be house-bound;
a Physical therapist; some safety hand rails; an Occupational Therapist (teach me to type????);
a driver, so Sis' don't have to miss work to get me to Drs. appts.; a shopper, so I don't starve!!!! An aid to help me do whatever it is ; And not a cabana boy in sight, damn this just sucks.

3. Now, get all of the orders from NoCal to the right agency, making sure said agency is Medicare "approved". This, mind you does NOT mean they will pay for a thing (submit bill and see!!!!!!!! This means now we can submit bills, after the fact, to Blue Cross Plan "J".

4. Don't understand? Geez, you got a screwed up brain, or what?

5. I cannot express to you what it means to have my kids making these calls, checking on ramp requirements, trying real hard to keep me at home. It is overwhelming. And to think - "all we have to do is work really hard to get well.... "


At 10:07 AM, Blogger Eva Whitley said...

A non-standard suggestion for cleaning help: Ask at Kinko's. My older son works there and they do a steady business in business cards for new cleaning services.

At 12:08 PM, Blogger mom said...

Wow, Eva, I never would have thought of that. Thank you so much. At this moment our house is looking great...Now if we just shaved all the animals!!!! But, then we would have to live with them.

Thank you for all of your wonderful support. "Mom"

At 12:09 PM, Blogger mom said...

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