Friday, March 18, 2005

I'm the Well One

Man, my staff is dropping like flies. Kid Sis has been sick since we got back home last week. Like go to doctor, you're green all over (and NOT because of St. Patty's Day). The last two days, Nurse Sis seems to be turning the same shade. It's not pretty.

Now, if you can take the joke part of this (I'm working on laughing) - we put a phone call into local University system, telling them to get an update on my latest medical trials and tribulations up North - this should be the easiest way for two giants to communicate with each other - and keep up with my progress.

Okay, so two days later we get a call from my Nurse Manager - I now have an appointment the last day of March - with HOSPICE............ AND AS I STATED IN THE BEGINNING - I'M THE WELL ONE!!!!! Really guys............. and feeling not ready to leave yet.

One mis - step around here and Ding - you're cooked!!! Thank God I have Back-Watchers.
Guess I better start watching the rest of me real close, too - and to make sure my naps don't last too long.


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