Thursday, February 10, 2005

While the Cat Was Away...

...the mice worked like crazy. Years ago I was an assistant hospital administrator. It was back in the days when it was fun to run a 200 bed hospital (insurance, the joint commission and a few other obstacles took the joy out of the job). When the administrator was "out of the House" the buck stopped with me. I was determined to do such a good job that no one would miss her. Thus, this little mouse worked her butt off.

Little different these days. Both Nurse Sis and Kid Sis left on a business/pleasure trip. I have done the bare essentials - which does not include doing dishes. IF I run out of dishes, I'll consider starting the dishwasher an essential.

Kid Sis sent me an e-card today - right after "thinking about you" she wrote "Don't forget to BLOG"... Okay then - Blog? Start Income Tax Prep Work? Blog? Start In......

Actually, it's really cold in the house, and Hero is still at the foot of my bed. I must have left the electric mattress pad on when I got up to answer the phone at 7:00 am. and it's almost 10:30 am. Hummm...Blog? Bed? Blog? good night ! (or would that be good day?)


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