Thursday, February 17, 2005

Walkers Are Cool!

We actually got in to see an Orthopedic M.D. yesterday. I don't know if he's a surgeon or not - what I do know is that his card says "Team Physician, Sports Medicine". ME? and what would the name of my team be?

I waited next to a six foot ++++ guy who'd jumped up to make a basket and came down wrong. Yeah, yeah -I know what you mean! and my injury? Oh, I - uh - kinda - uh tripped -he-he, going down the stairs and twisted my knee cap half off. Couldn't even admit to skipping (is that still a sport?).

The doc twisted, pulled, flexed, de-flexed and decided an MRI might be called for. Make an appt. for it and then come back in - probably in three weeks, or so. The doc left to write an RX and my basketball buddy walked by - on his way to get an MRI -with Surgery scheduled for this Fri. That dude is going to be back on the courts while I'm still hobbling around.

Nurse Sis insisted that with two canes I looked like an accident waiting to happen. He offered crutches - or a Dreaded Walker!!!! There are a couple of medical supplies that I associate with old, really sick people..My One Way Streets of no return, if you will. The first was oxygen - I fought against getting that until the day I could barely breathe. It wasn't half bad after I got used to "Hal" sucking in air and sounding like he was coming after me. I didn't need him more than a month or two.

Now the Walker...Nurse Sis called around until she found one fairly close to home. She went and got it and I went to take a nap. When I woke up it was sitting there like a bike on Christmas morning, so I reluctantly decided to take it for a spin. Man, let me tell you that thing is a go-er. Two wheels, two rubber tips and some chrome - what's not to love? Guess I'm still dragging my right leg behind, Frankenstein style, but Nurse Sis is working on that with me.

It is hard to know when to give in to the pain and when to bite my lower lip and "suck it up". Some days I'm definitely not as graceful about it all as I'd like to be. I lashed out at Kid Sis the other night over some stupid cat liter - I can be known to sit and feel very sorry for myself - all the time knowing there are a ton of people with much worse problems.

This trying to get healthy and feeling better is hard work - but, for just now at least, I will accept my new walking companion - may we have a brief, intense time together before I make it obsolete.



At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are cool too, and your family is an inspiration! I read about you when my sociology prof made your cartoon a class assignment, and it is great to be able to keep up with you. Don't worry about the walker, you wont need it long! Just do what you have to do now to get better!
dp-in oregon


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