Saturday, February 19, 2005

Nurse Sis on Move

Kid Sis' almost 19 year old cat, Calliope - the Muse of Music - has turned into Pissy - the cat who goes crying throughout the house all night making a loud guttural sound. We've tried a heating pad on her little bed, lights on all over so she can see, warm milk, treats....

The only thing she seems to like is sleeping with G.Ma and Hero. But she comes with dishes, bed, water and worse of all a liter box she refuses to hit! We've tried big ones, covered ones, long ones but she still prefers the outside on the floor, thank you very much. Her next favorite is Hero's Puppy Go Potty liter which will not absorb cat pee. It just makes it stink to high heaven and makes him refuse to go in it. So, he pees on a rug, or on the rain tarps or where ever. Are you getting the zoo feeling to all this yet?? There's more....

Now along comes Mom in the middle of the night when everything is nice and quiet, using her walker - wheel, wheel-clump ; wheel, wheel-clump...auuurgh (hits ice cold pee) wheel, whe.... oh you get the picture. This can happen one, two, even three times in an eight to nine hour stretch.

"And how does this effect Nurse Sis,?" one might ask. She is one thin wall away from this madness. She has to get up in the morning, refreshed, ready to roll out and get on with her busy day. We've suggested ear plugs and/or a bit of Ambien.

Her answer is to try the Guest House, a compact, converted garage - cold in this weather - but quiet. So far her Lab just paces back and forth wanting to come into the main house, back into the craziness we call "bed time".

PLEASE, PLEASE...if any of you have solutions to our problems (other than putting Pissy or Mom down) please let me hear them. See, I know you guys know these things - the old been there, done that - Just like I saw someone wearing their leg brace OUTSIDE of their pants. Geez! and here I am trying to pull something over the top of this sticky,velcro brace. I'm getting way to old to discover all this great stuff by myself, so any and all help is gratefully accepted.

In the meantime, I don't blame Nurse Sis for heading to the back 40 to get some much needed rest - I just wish it wasn't necessary.


At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Sounds to me like you've got a cat that needs a place to sleep and a free bedroom with a door that you could close all night long. Lay down a tarp, throw in her litter box.... Of course, Pissy's howls would echo through the house all night long, but you'd surely pass out from exhaustion sooner or later.

Or, I know! Give Pissy the guest house!

The Boy

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a veterinary tech in Grand Rapids, Mich. A cat's drive to use a litter box is one of the strongest instincts they have, and I'm sorry to say that when they lose that instinct it's not a good sign. Have you asked the cat's vet to look for urinary tract infections or other physical causes? If that's been ruled out, then I'm afraid you just have an old cat that you will have to cater to for a while until nature takes it course. Probably the best thing you could do to make your life easier is confine it at night with its box nearby. A cat that is urinating all over the floor isn't any happier about it than you are, believe me.


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