Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Limpy Didn't Make It

Limpy (me) got grounded. I had to stay home from my first fun trip in almost three years.


That would just be more weight to take off and, in the meantime, more to lug around. Okay, try to keep up here - I'm going to go pretty fast!!!!!

I was to fly out Mon. a.m. but couldn't take my Walking Stick (too much like a weapon!). So Sun. evening off we went to the drug store and bought a cane. I still had to hang onto shelves - empty or full - to keep my balance.
Kid Sis went back and got another snazzy red cane. Now, I really looked like I had a drinking problem. My knee would not support any weight - it was a nondiscriminating knee cap - it would buckle forward, backward or to either side. I'd yell out an "auuugh" - just as the pain hit. I sadly called Nod. He'd been expecting my call. Seems that one by one Gimpy's knees had done the same thing!

We all decided that a visit to the Emergency Dept. the next morning was more prudent than a trip to the airport. Besides, Phoenix was rainy, wet and dreary. They said I wasn't missing much there, so I may as well go take care of myself.

MAJOR UNIVERSITY EMERGENCY DEPT. arrival time 9:45 a.m. Departing time 4:00 p.m. We had a three hour wait to even get back into the Dept. There were screaming babies, drug addicts begging to be seen, sick people to the left and the right. Nurse Sis and I thought this was the fast track through the system - like One Stop Shopping. We'd get in there, get an MRI, see an Orthopod, maybe even have surgery.
WRONG...We got 5 X-rays, seem by an ER doc and told to make an appointment to be seen hopefully within a week or so and - oh, by the way, don't fall you could really hurt yourself. (Do you think?)

Best part of going there: I came out of X-Ray only to hear that there had been a huge cockroach scurrying around the halls. Luckily I was in a wheelchair with my feet up! Just as a man walked by in nice slacks and dress shirt I yelled, "there it is." Without breaking his stride, the man brushed the bug off a leather seat. It flew about eight feet - passed an open door and straight down the hall. Still keeping in stride he walked over and with perfect timing, smashed it.

Amazing - Have you ever seen those puppies go? They are FAST. A few of us applauded . The guy turned around, smiled, said something like, "it's a big old building", and went on down the hall.

The absolutely, positively, best part of this story? When he turned around we saw he had on a big, black eye patch. With only one good eye the guy had nailed a cockroach. I couldn't do that with my glasses on, a can of Raid, and a frying pan.

We went and got a Margarita.


At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,

It's your daughter-in-law. Thanks for your blog. I have to let you know that I was having seperation anxiety thinking that I was going to have to wait a whole week to read your stories while you were on vacation. Even after I knew that you weren't able to go, I thought that you might take a little break.

I'm glad that you didn't. I miss you up here and reading your blogs makes you feel closer to (your northern, rainy) home. I check your site daily when I get home from work and love it when you post a story.

So, sorry that Limpy didn't make it and that Uncle Nog and Aunt Gimpy are having a wet vacation without you. But I'm glad to hear from you. Keep up the good work and don't let the cockroaches keep you down!

With love, K.

P.S. The red cane sounds chic, Kid Sis!


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