Friday, February 11, 2005

A Healer?

Did any of you watch ABC's "Who Is John of God?" Thurs. evening on Prime Time. Three years ago I well may have kept the remote on full steam ahead, looking for something more interesting. In fact, three years ago I probably would not have had my TV on. I was simply too busy to watch more than a couple of shows a week.

"John" lives in the heart of Brazil. It took the reporter hours of riding on what looked like dirt roads to get to the village. Once there we saw dozens of people with all types of physical problems walking, being pushed in wheel chairs, limping toward one particular building. They were all wear white, per John's instructions.

He said he runs the energy of different deceased doctors through his body. Apparently he doesn't know who is going to show up for "work" on any given day. The treatment varies depending on the patient. Some say they are healed, some think they are, and some have had no change in their physical problems - but, I will say, they all LOOKED incredibly peaceful. Part of the regiment was to meditate hours a day and it certainly worked.

People stayed two weeks and received various reports from tests done upon their return to the regular system. It was interesting to note that the M.D.s didn't just cut John down as a money hungry quack. A lot has changed over the last 20 years. East/West Medicine IS integrating.

I'm fascinated by his story on many levels. First, I was told I had a brain tumor that was inoperable - at least locally. Had we not found a university hospital and a very progressive Neurosurgeon willing to take on my case, I might have found myself at John's place.

Secondly, during the active phase of receiving Radiation and Chemo I was doing a lot of spiritual work on the side. For starters, I was in a meditation class, I was grounding, running energy, bringing into my body healing Light. I had taught many, many people the how to's of all these techniques and more but forgot everything the instant I was diagnosed. Friends and colleagues stepped forward and in some cases seemed to come out of the woodwork to help me.

I don't want to be discredited as a wing-nut, so, suffice it to say that I believe a lot more goes on "behind the scenes" than in front of the camera. Son was working the camera 99% of the time, so until today was clueless about what Mom was doing in my spare time. (Hi, Son!)Mom'

(EDIT: I haven't done an edit before but feel it is necessary- see today's first comment. In the above paragraph I said Son was "clueless" about my many non-traditional modalities. It was a poor choice of words. I'm sorry, Son. You're right - I knew that you knew what I was doing - so you were far from clueless. And don't worry - I might be half a State away from you but I most certainly will not miss a PET CT or an MRI appointment.)

There was some showmanship going on last night. But, at a minimum, John creates a space where anything is possible - where deep inner peace can be found- where a healing can take place, be it of mind, body or spirit. I hope it doesn't cost a ton of money for the two weeks, it doesn't have to.


At 3:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ain't that clueless, Ma.

We talked about this a couple of times. I don't think there's any such things as "conventional" or "alternative" medicine...there's either medicine that works or doesn't. Once it's been proven to work (double-blind studies, etc.) then there's nothing alternative about it: it's medicine. Chemo works; the jungle ministrations of John of Jesus has not yet been shown to.

I figure that whatever gets you through is all right with me AS LONG AS you don't turn your back on medicine in the meantime. Channel all the chi you want, just keep getting MRI and CT scans while you're at it.

But you knew I'd say that....

Love, The Boy


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