Friday, February 04, 2005

Going to IHOP

Since New Year's Day (resolutions and all that) we have been on the Adkins Diet. Kid Sis, Nurse Sis and Mom have all done our best to be true to the "No Carbs Oath". I could take or leave cakes, pies and chocolate, but pass a cookie, doughnut, or helping of mashed potatoes too close and it's a goner.

I had gained 46 lbs. by the time Chemo was finished. This was more weight than I'd gained TOTALLY during my three pregnancies. Last summer I had managed to lose 16 lbs. also on the Adkins Diet. The girls thought it was a hoot to see their usually thin Mom on a diet. This time none of us have found much humor in our weight loss program. Until today I have gained and lost the same two lbs. every few days. Kid Sis has not done much better.

Today the scale showed me up three additional lbs. "That's it!!!! I'm off the diet as of NOW" I declared, storming out of the bathroom.

A few minutes later a voice from upstairs yelled down, "Hey Mom, do you want to go to IHOP for some pancakes?" We got ready in record time. Nurse Sis jumped on the scale as we were heading for the door. "Oh no! I lost two lbs. No pancakes for me. I have to stay on the diet now that it's finally working," she declared.

Later today we were watching Oprah make wishes come true for a few people. I said my wish would be for Dr. Phil to arrange a whole package of weight loss, nutrition, exercise and make-overs for me (first, since I thought of it) and others trying to get back on their feet after almost biting it. Wouldn't that be cool?


At 1:57 PM, Blogger Juliet said...

I am enjoying your blog, which I just stumbled on while browsing around. You're brave & honest. My sister-in-law went thru chemo last year & I wish she had access to you back then. (She's doing great now & we are all thankful.) Keep up the great writing & the great attitude!

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