Sunday, February 13, 2005

Goin' to the Dogs

More about Hero? No way...I'm talking about REAL dogs (hope no one tells him what I just said). My brother asked me if I wanted to join them over in Phoenix for a "Snow-bird" vacation. They are tired of cold days, single digit nights, dirty snow on the ground, etc. I'm tired of watching rain come through my ceilings - so away we go.

We will be going to the Dog Races - them nightly - me, not so nightly. I prefer pulling the "One-armed Bandit" and since there just happens to be two Indian casinos in town, I'm in luck. I'm a gamblin' kind of woman. That's why I took my chances with Radiation and Chemo against all odds. I'd say I hit the jack pot on that one, even if it took down to my last nickel and then some.

We will be quite a threesome. I can only hope Phoenix is ready for us - there will be Gimpy (my sister-in-law with two bad knees and only one cane) - Limpy (me with "trick" knee in brace and cane) - and Nod (my brother who often needs oxygen because of his emphysema). Just thought - maybe we should just jump to chase and call an ambulance instead of a cab in case one of us goes down. We could put Brother in the middle and both lean on him but we're afraid he'd snap like a twig.

I suggested we wait until we were all feeling a little better but that was vetoed. "Let's go while we still can - gracefully or not," was the final vote. I fear getting through the airport at the crack of 11:00 am tomorrow. I can't find pants loose enough to pull up past my knee brace which has metal rods in it (sure to sound the alarm). Any shoes which give me support have to be tied and with my brace on I can't lean over that far. If you see a naked lady in an airport tomorrow - have pity. She may well not be insane - just trying her best to cope with an insane world.....
Love and Light..... Mom. I'm off to see the Dogs. Back next Sat. or so.


At 6:06 PM, Blogger Eva Whitley said...

LOL. I *love* Limpy, Gimpy, and Nod. Good luck at the airport. And have fun at the casino--maybe you're on a winning streak!

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