Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Do Something

My only sib, a brother, outranks me by four years. (He was also Mother's favorite, but that's another story!) At times I would stew for hours, days, weeks, trying to make the right decision. I would look at something this way and that way..running all the what ifs into the ground - absolutely terrified of making a mistake.

His thinking was always logical and precise (he became a Marine and then an engineer). I would drive him batty with my futzing around...finally he would loose it and yell, "FOR GOD'S SAKE DO SOMETHING - EVEN IF IT'S WRONG.

Today was a good day for me to "Blog". Tomorrow I have to go see the Pain Management M.D. about my Shingles. Today I didn't have to shower, get dressed, do my hair or spend the afternoon getting to - sitting in- and going home from - the doctor's office. So, sit down, open the page and get busy typing...right after breakfast...right after I get dressed...right after, "Oh no, Hero, just because I put on the tennis shoes it doesn't mean we go for a walk. Oh, it does? Okay, but just a short one." By then it's Oprah time, then Dr. Phil...then dinner.

I Googled the Lance Armstrong Foundation site last night. It gave me pause to think more about my life. What if this is as good as it gets? What if my knee continues to bucket under me whenever it wants? (My uncle had a "trick ankle" he would tell us kids about. He would make us laugh with stories of how it would cave in on him and he'd go sprawling. I don't find my "trick knee" nearly as funny...perhaps I'm just losing my sense of humor.) Anyway, the LAF people have their acts together. I found out several details my M.D.s never discussed with me. I think the surprise of me staying alive may have thrown them off their stride.

I know I need some good after-care. I need to make some positive changes in my life and don't know where to begin. Too much time has been given to the "C" word and as I approach the two year mark of my cyber-knife procedure I am more than ready to move on. So, already, do SOMETHING, even if it's wrong.


At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! It's amazing where the Internet can lead one. I follow another little blog on this site that had a link to your son's strip, so I read the strip, and from there I followed a link to your blog. So now I am sitting here in something very akin to awe. I'm touched, inspired - I so appreciate the honesty in the strip. It's truly an amazing thing for your and you family to share your story and I feel honored.

The message to "do something" is one most of us can probably take to heart. It would seem to me that keeping a blog would definitely count even though it may not be aimed towards a known goal. Sorry it if sounds too absurd, but if nothing else, you've impacted someone else's life today ... and given me food for thought.

I wish you, Son, Kid Sis, Nurse Sis (and Hero!) all the best and more.

- R. in Florida


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