Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Echoes from All Sides

A few days ago I sent out a shy "Hi". Within hours I heard from my daughter-in law, JLP from Peru and Jen from the Pulse who had interviewed "Son". Wow - this stuff works.

There is probably an appropriate place (like under comments?) for me to write these people back. But, for today I'll just take a few lines to answer these e-mails. Thank you K. for my first post ever. I was hoping Son would sent some kind of word that the system he helped Kid Sis set up was "good to go". Instead you took time to write!

To JLP from Peru - I want to say Hi to your mom. I would encourage you all to stay as positive as possible. This does not mean to be in constant denial, but don't live in fear, either. Kid Sis had a stack of comedy movies constantly on hand. They weren't necessarily slap stick comedy but they most certainly were not a demand that I get up and save the world. She would come into the front room and see me just sitting there staring straight ahead. She'd pop in a tape and within a few minutes, I'd forget about everything, except the present time.

I have spent my life worrying about what might come next, crossing so many bridges before coming to them that friends nicknamed me "Bridge". It has come to mean different things to different people - but the name has stuck.

And Jen from the Pulse - thank you. The interview you did with "Son" was amazing. I learned a lot from it (i.e. had no idea that Son had created so many pages that were never used). The time and thoughtfulness you put into this piece of your work is appreciated by all of us. WOW.

Hey, Kim T. in Miami - I had no idea that "real people" were ever really going to read anything I wrote - so the shock is mutual! Thank you for the wishes for my health. I spend a lot of my time being frustrated over what I can't do yet. I forget about how far I've come and what it's taken to get here.

And last for today - HELLO Hong Kong, 9! WOW, talk about an Echo....Now I'm really impressed. As for being inspiring, I'll give that one to Son. He had the nerve to bring his work forward for any and all to see - to praise - to criticize. I'm having a hard time typing today - knowing that someone other than close friends and family may actually see it.

The "real" is easier. Serious illnesses and the threat of dying give us a chance to strip off our "costumes" and make-up and get real. Who am I? What do I believe? What do I hold precious? If I believe in the Soul's progression, Heaven, the here-after, or have any hope of any part of my being living on, why am I so afraid? There is no time for pretending, putting on airs, or being phony when our life expectancy is suddenly counted in weeks - not months or years.

Thank you all for taking time out of your daily routines to read and We are blessed!


At 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi hi hi! I can't wait to read more... a very good friend of mine directed me towards Mom's Cancer... with the caveat that it might be hard to read. I am a 33 year old former cancer patient. I hestiate to use the word 'survivor', because as you know, people who have deal with cancer are so much more than that...
I read it. I loved it. I cried at the end of the story, while I smiled at the beginning of the next phase of your journey. I applaud your courage, I revel in your success, and I have confidence for your experiences in all the years to come. And too, I have a pup who is my hero. Except her name is Nala. xoxo Much love to you and yours... jwo

At 1:03 PM, Blogger Busy Mom said...

Just a quick note to say that the comic was/is so helpful to me. My mother currently has Stage IV lung cancer and it's been quite a ride. Just knowing there's someone out there and doing well has been great for me.

Thank you.


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